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Need a PA? Doing a show? Let us know!

Having a band and doing a show can be stressfull events. We can help take away that stress so you can concentrate on the music. You never know who can be in that audience, and if you're looking to become a signed act, there may be a record company scout there. Why take a chance and try to do it yourself when you can have seasoned professionals handle your sound requirements for you? It doesn't matter if your gigs are small events or big events, always leave your audience with a good impression by having dedicated audio professionals handle your sound requirements.

We've been doing bands for years and concerts are our specialty. Our system is designed to handle any job that comes our way. We have the tools and the skills to handle your band. You want effects? We've got effects. You need compression and gating? We've got that too. We've got feedback suppression and lots of EQ. We even have multi-track digital audio recording so we can help you make live demo discs, live albums and even music videos. Guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, even exotic instruments, we can do it.

We have 60 channels of input and 27 channels of output on our main console, 25+ channels of compression and gating, 6 effect units, EQ on every channel, 10 extra EQ channels and 15 channels of feedback suppression. We have a large selection of microphones, both wired and wireless and can even have multiple instruments such as a guitar or bass be wireless, as well as instrument mics. Line devices are no problem because we have lots of direct boxes. Hum and buzz can quickly be dealt with. We have enough adaptors that we can pretty much adapt anything into anything else. We also have monitors to help musicians hear what they are playing and vocalists hear themselves. Depending on your situation, we have a selection of smaller mixers that we can use to augment or expand our main mix capabilities or address on-stage issues.

Our main sound system is loud and clean. It throws far, works great indoors and outdoors, and includes plenty of ground-shaking subwoofers. Our speakers may not be the towers you may be expecting. Studio42 is using top of the line touring grade speakers, not the typical small club gear you may be used to. The system projects well and is clear in all situations, often times outperforming speakers much larger or larger reputation. Our sound system is highly accurate, meaning you will get your best sound ever. Plus, we will engineer your show. Also, small tours are no problem, just let us know.

For bands that need it or want it, we have a full keyboard rig with 4 keyboards, 5 rack-mount synths and a compact line mixer. One keyboard is a weighted 88-note keyboard with a 16MB fully sampled piano that can do sample playback. The entire keyboard rig sets up quickly. For drummers, we have an Octapad II controller, kick and hat controller pedals, a drum rack with cymbal and snare controllers, an E-mu Procussion, a Roland R8-M and an Alesis D4. Build your sets, build your sounds, we'll save the SysEx files and keep it on file, along with other details of your set-ups. Like the keyboard rig, the percussion rig also sets up quickly. We even have a small bass rig including a Fender P-Bass and a 10"/35-watt amp with stand, which is plenty loud for mic'ing up a bass. Never being satisfied and looking to improve our service offerings, our inventory of available devices changes from time to time due to adding things to provide more services to you.

Pick up the phone and give us a call. Schedule a pre-production meeting with us. You'll be glad you did. Book your event with sound professionals today!