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There are many events besides parties, weddings and band performances that require sound reinforcement. Any event can benefit from a solid sound system to help project the message and ensure all are able to hear. Not all events need to make the floor shake and make the walls tremble. Corporate events need professional quality sound at rates that make hiring Studio42 the best choice for corporate sound needs.

Mackie 1604VLZ Front

Mackie 1604VLZ back

Yamaha Promix01
Small Mixer, front and back, for discussion forum Mixer used for outdoor memorial ceremony

Because most corporate events require relatively minimal equipment, many groups choose to rent equipment and do it themselves. While renting may make good financial sense, renting can have serious drawbacks. Many rental companies do not keep their equipment in top operating condition. Renting required that one knows exactly what they need to get the job done. Getting sound is only part of the battle. Getting good sound is an entirely different issue. However, when problems crop up, resolving such issues can be difficult or impossible. What you want is well maintained equipment run by a skilled operator. We bring a full compliment of equipment to address and resolve problems before the problems show up. At prices not much more than renting, you get everything you need and a world class engineer keeping things running.

Mid-sized PA for dinner and presentation/roast

Mackie used for multi-zone presentation

Corporate events have one of the largest range of requirements. Some events require just enough to make an announcement to a small or large number of people. Other events may require large amounts of input channels, such as conferences with multiple speakers and round-table type discussions. It is not uncommon for corporate events to require recording, which we can handle as well. Some events seem more like a concert, requiring lighting, musicians, entertainment and announcements. Many times, it is as simply as a pair of speakers and some other pieces to have a presentation system for product displays or tradeshow booths. With scalable systems and multiple mixer options, Studio42 can address the needs for corporate events, from simple to complicated, large and small, indoors and outdoors.

Sound for large outdoor event for fundraiser

Consumer and business expositions can benefit from having a high quality sound system to bring more attention to your display. Requirements are usually as simple as playing background music. Many like to do product presentations and demonstrations to a larger audience and want to be heard farther than just the few people surrounding your table. Extremely high volume levels are not always necessary, sometimes just getting a little more sound can make a large difference. Getting clean sound ensures good clarity and ease of intelligibility. Easy to understand means more attention and better results.

Recording of 2 guest speakers and support of poor quality rented PA system

A lot of corporate type events are done in malls and shopping centers. Some events are strictly promotional in efforts to get more attention and traffic through their doors. Other people or groups run actual events such as small fashion shows, mini-concerts, plays and more. Make maximum impact with potential customers and clients by giving them clear sound and a professional sound engineer.

Grammy Award Winner Larry Gatlin

Mixer and other equipment

Grammy Award Winner Rudy Gatlin
Grand Openings for new bank offices. Small PA, mixer, monitor, wireless and wired microphones

Radio is a major corporate event user. Many radio stations send out remote vans and teams to do promotional events. Most of the time, the audience walks by the decorated mobile vehicle without anything other than a passing glance. Wouldn't it be great if the audience could hear what the team was doing by hearing what is going on over the air? Radio is an audio-only medium and effective presentation should be a top priority. On the road, this presentation seems to become secondary, handled by cheap gear or not at all. We carry an FM/AM tuner and call pull in those local stations, helping tie-in the on-air talent and the on-air programming, bringing maximum impact to promotional events.

Recording of guest speakers and tie into overhead announcement system

Studio42 covers all aspects. Studio42 can handle formal and casual events. Studio can handle concerts. Studio42 can handle parties. Studio42 can handle recording. Studio42 can handle corporate events. Studio42 can handle your events. Book your next corporate event with Studio42 today!