Professional Audio Services

Your events deserve World Class Sound

Professional quality sound adds impact and brings attention to any event you may be running. Of course with concerts, it's all about top quality sound delivering that great performance to the audience. Great sound at a party helps ensure all your guests have a great time. Even corporate events benefit from having a professional sound company taking care of their sound requirements. Why stop there? There are so many other types of events that can all be improved with top quality sound.

Irene B. West Elementary School Harvest Festival. Small/Mid-sized PA, wireless microphones, mixer and decks for music playback and announcements. More pictures

Fundraisers can take form in many different ways depending on what the organizers would like to do. Dinners, concerts, shows, auctions, roasts, feeds and more, all these events can benefit from great sound. Studio42 can offer great rates to qualified charities and other organizations to help make world class sound a reality and let more of their fundraising money go to their organization where it belongs.

Fundraiser for high school band trip to Washington DC. Full mains, large console, full outboard monitors, minimal lights. More Pictures

Promotional events are a great function to hire professional sound. Like corporate events, promotional events can range from simple music playback to concerts and entertainment. People can often hear the sound before they can see the event. Bring attention to your business with world class sound!

Barber College Grand Opening. Karaoke and live band, mid-sized PA. More pictures

Studio42 has done several neighborhood meetings. Bring families together with high quality sound. Special guests can now reach the entire crowd with wireless microphones and top quality sound gear. Turn little community functions into a community event.

Neighborhood Meeting with City Council Member. Mid-sized PA, Wireless microphones, music playback. More pictures

Studio42 can also handle community and youth sporting events. Enhance your opening day with world class sound for announcements and music playback. Indoors and outdoors, Studio42 can be where you need us to be, when you need us to be there.

Citrus Heights Youth Soccer Opening Day. Outdoor event, mid-sized PA, mixer, decks and microphones for anouncements and music playback. More pictures

Schools have many different events that can benefit from great sound. Many schools have bands, theater groups, choirs and other performing groups. Schools can have assemblies for special presentations. High schools often have rallies. Major outdoor events, such as "Homecoming" can get top quality sound for the football game, parades and all events tied to your homecoming festivities. Whether your school's event is a one-off band concert, a rally or even an extended function like a theater play run, Studio42 can help. We can handle all your sound requirements for all your events. We can even commit to multiple day and extended engagements. Studio42 will keep things affordable to work with virtually any budget.

Irene B. West Elementary School Halloween/Harvest Festival. Small/Mid-Sized PA, Wireless Microphones, mixer and Decks for music playback and speaking. More Pictures

No matter what your event, Studio42 can handle it. One call and sound becomes a reality. Book your event today!